29 Dec 2023

Flare-On 9 medal has arrived!

It's taken over a year but the medal for 2022 contest is finally in my hands. smile

This time organizers had to deal with some manufacturing issues (which took them a full year to resolve), and I had to deal with overly zealous customs and taxes office. They billed me around 20 eur in taxes and surcharges for a simple trinket. Un-fucking-believable!

One thought on “Flare-On 9 medal has arrived!

  1. "Congratulations on finally receiving your well-deserved 2022 contest medal! It's truly a testament to your patience and persistence. It's a shame to hear about the challenges you faced with the manufacturing delays and the unexpected customs and taxes ordeal – 20 EUR for a trinket does seem quite unbelievable. Nevertheless, your perseverance paid off, and now you have a tangible symbol of your achievement. Well done! 😊🏅"

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