01 Oct 2015

AdBlock joining “Acceptable ads” program

Today I was greeted with this great message from my old, trusted AdBlock plugin for Chrome:
unacceptable ads

Hello?! There is no such thing as "Acceptable Ads". It's a misnomer, similar to "Enjoyable Rape".

Oh, well, good bye AdBlock, hello uBlock!

13 thoughts on “AdBlock joining “Acceptable ads” program

    • I was already ignoring ABP because of their "Acceptable Ads" policy. Taking money from companies to whitelist their ads - to me it's not an acceptable behavior.

    • Yes, I could. But I choose not to support products that do such crap in the first place. Especially, since they decided to use "opt-out" mode, enabling "Acceptable Ads" to all users by default.

  1. Sorry, for another comment.
    This is just to inform, that uBlock origin is better than ublock. You can check on the webstore, the former has more users than the latter.

      • UI was they are nearly the same. However, ublock origin is developed by the original author and receives more updates. ublock is a fork by Chris AlJoudi, who didn't attribute the original contributions of the author. There is quite a bit of history.

        You can check this reddit thread: {hidden link}

        Anyways, it is up to you, which would you prefer.

  2. An ad-blocker that doesn't block ads? hmmm ... maybe I'm getting too old to understand it, LOL :D

    Agree. Time to change ;)

    • true someone is only watching $$ from tree :P
      i today moved to ublock found it interesting cus many people dont change default settings cus of lazy :D

    • No problem, fixed that for you. :) "Edit" and "Delete" is available only for registered users - and I don't want to force anyone to register just to post comments.

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