18 Jan 2017

Blog not dead

I just noticed that I haven't published a full-length post for almost 2 months already. sad Let me assure you, this blog is not dead, I just had a peaceful Christmas vacation. Here's what else is new..

Domain renewal

I'm still having fun writing this blog. So, I've renewed the domain for one more year. Since I'm using a free shared hosting, HTTPS is not an option. But if you would really like to see that (or any other improvements to the site), please let me know in the comments.

WordPress update

As you probably have noticed, this blog is running on WordPress. And since my webhost has really tough restrictions on what can be done with shared hosting accounts, automatic update of WordPress is not possible. So, I updated the engine manually to the latest version 4.7.1.

Last night there was some short outage but it was more likely caused by maintenance on the webhost. But please do let me know if you notice any issues with the site!

Improved Enigma Virtual Box unpacker

One of the most requested features for Enigma Virtual Box unpacker was support for large files. I had to rewrite quite a lot of stuff to make it happen but now it works fine for files up to 4GB (and possibly more). wink It's finished but I need to test the unpacker properly before making it public.

Improved Molebox unpacker

Again, one of the most requested features is to support huge files (500MB+). Since the original unpacker was written in 2009, compiled only with Delphi 4 and was intended to unpack regular EXE files, I had to rewrite pretty much everything from scratch - so I'm happy to say that it's 90% done. I should be able to wrap it up in a few weeks and then make it public.

Blog post about video-to-exe DRM protections

Every once in a while someone in Tuts4You asks about video-to-exe or pdf-to-exe "protections". Every single one I've seen so far has been just a snake oil. In the article I'll document the methods used by these "protections" to encrypt video/PDF and prevent user from extracting original file out of EXE. You won't believe how much time and effort goes into preparing a single technical blog post - so don't expect it to be finished any time soon. wink

Have fun and talk to you all later!

20 thoughts on “Blog not dead

  1. Nice to hear that you will continue this blog! :) We are all waiting for your new contents! :)

  2. Please add https, it's free and easy to setup with Let's Encrypt {hidden link}.
    You should really get a cheap VPS to host your own site.

    • "Cheap" is still more expensive than "free". I don't make any money with the site, there are no ads or anything. So, I would have to pay it from my own pocket..

      If you have some suggestions for a cheap host, please let me know. :)

      • Its a quite old topic, but how about one of the OVH vps models? They have their servers in France / Canada and have excellent prices for their SSD VPC models.

    • @MaxXor: your wish has been granted.

      For now you can open https version manually. I'll switch to https version in a few days - after I fix all the mixed-content warnings. :)

  3. Hello mister kao I love your blog and I'm interested in your molebox file unpacker I ah served you very well * - * by chance you will not have an unpacked file packed with aspacker? Thank you for your programs. I love them.

    • Hoster from Ukraine that advertises abuse-proof servers? Umm, that's not my cup of tea.. :) Thanks for the suggestion anyway!

  4. Glad to hear your still updating the enigma vb unpacker, can't wait to play with the new version when it goes public

  5. Any chance you can share your latest version of Enigma Virtual Box, despite not having tested it fully, I'm stuck trying to extract large file on 2.6GB, and I've tried all the other available tools without success. Thanks!

    • Unpacked files + unpacker log: {link_removed}

      Unpacker apparently works well, I'll try to find time to clean up few details and make it public.

  6. Hi Kao, just want to know when will be the release of the Enigma Virtual Box? Really looking forward to it! No rush though.

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