11 Dec 2018

Changes in the blog

My last posts about Unity3D/Mono protections gained a lot of attention. Unfortunately, they gained the wrong kind of attention and low quality comments. So, I decided to make changes in a way these posts are made.

This is a place to describe HOW the protection works.

I have no agenda against game authors or any of the Android MOD teams. They just happen to use interesting protection mechanisms. And I like to take protections apart and describe HOW they work. So, the posts will be even more focused on HOW the protection works and how it can be defeated. Sometimes I'll make some code snippets available. But in any case, you will have to do your work to defeat the protection.

This is NOT a place for script-kiddies.

I made a big mistake releasing compiled executable. It attracts crowds of asian kids who are only able to drop DLL on the compiled executable and complain that it did not magically fix everything. They have absolutely no interest in how the protection actually works.

To fix that, there will be no more ready-made tools. If you care about the protection, my blog has all the information you need to make your own tool. But if you need a ready-made, compiled tool, go somewhere else.

This is NOT a place for crack requests.

Yes, I'm always interested in new and innovative protections. If you tell me about such protection, I will be very happy. When I get some free time, I will look at it. If it's interesting enough, I will write about it.

But I will not crack the protection for you. And most certainly I will not do it on your schedule. So, don't bug me about that.

I work on this blog in my free time.

My free time is limited. I will read all comments and all emails. Someday. When I have free time.

So, do NOT bump your comments or your emails. If you haven't received a reply, your message was stupid and I decided to ignore it. Or perhaps I just haven't had time to read it and respond to it.

You need to do your homework.

I got plenty of comments like "how do I use your tool?" or "I can't open file in dnSpy. Help!!!111".

First, read the bloody posts, they explain how my tools work and what the limitations are. Second, use Google. Third, read "How to Report Bugs Effectively". I can't magically solve all your problems - I need to see the actual file first.

I hate using ban-hammer. So, first time you do something stupid, I will warn you. But if you continue doing that, I'll ban you. As simple as that.

Thank you for reading to the end, I really appreciate that. Please enjoy your stay here.

8 thoughts on “Changes in the blog

  1. "crowds of asian kids": Mostly vietnamese, they are leeching each other mods like crazy. I know what they are doing, they leeching to make money. You should remove all released tools from your blog and make comments waiting for approval. You will still getting mails from kids though... just helping :D

  2. Thanks for that, I hope you will delete all the tools released from your blog, because people only use it to leecher our function in the mods, they don't make their own mods and they only use your tools without knowing how to work protection. but Thanks :)

  3. Author Kao so much to see your previous post and also i think its not your fault to make this happen. This really a great help to us and understand more things . dont be mad for all the kiddies wants to explore things but sometimes they are too bad and annoying because they didnt learn how to do it. I remember the post you made before saying that lecheer gonna preach you most and thats true . hope you make tools for more updates about protections . its about the people seeing your blog to learn more about that . also i saw new protections and wants you to check that if you have free time only. I leave a link here as your reference . your skills is great and admire your work . God of all blogger . Hope we see more topics about mono and unity as our lesson to study . great author kao

  4. To author :

    kao - 2018-09-13 at 13:42

    Right, game cracker is going to preach me about morality. :D Get off your high horse.

    I just make this reference as your strong will your againts people trying to down you but i hope your still for us to give some informations about the topic . Also dont delete tools you made seen its your masterpiece . We love your blog and infos here . We do try your tools and works perfect to us. We learn more in the previous post . But dont leave us for people trying to hunt you like modders or game developers here. They just want you to be so look defeated on that case .

  5. It's impossible to delete some tool from the Internet. Once it's released, it's out there and there will always be someone who has a copy. I'm not even going to try.

    Describing other protections - if I see something interesting, I'll write about it. Just in a different way, so that it doesn't attract script kiddies. :)

  6. Hi kao,
    sorry, I was "away" (from your blog) for a while ...

    I always particularly liked the *direct* way you use to tell/remark things. Never offensive, but always to-the-point! Fantastic post you have here :)

    As someone already wrote, we thank you for all the efforts you make to give us a lot of precious information and a bit of your vast knowledge! Please, keep helping us growing.


    Wish you a very happy Christmas' time !

    Best Regards,

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