17 Aug 2016

Gone for summer vacation

Last few months were quite busy for me.

On the good side: I solved 2 tracks of Labyrenth CTF - Windows and Documents. Unfortunately they still haven't published the Honor Roll, so I have no clue if I placed 1st, 2nd or 44th..

On the bad side: there are lots of changes happening in my office. I don't mind changes per se but the uncertainty of the future of the company.. Well, that's not great.

So, I'm leaving for summer vacation. I'll spend almost 4 weeks on islands with very spotty mobile coverage and almost certainly without Internet access. Will be back in mid-September, relaxed and ready to do some serious reversing again.

Have fun and talk to you all later!

7 thoughts on “Gone for summer vacation

  1. Have a good rest kao! You deserve it :) don't be worried about your current company, people with your skills have a lot of chances of getting hired! ;) Be always positive and good things will happen :)

  2. The world needs people like you... i'm sure you'll find something else if something happens to your current position.

  3. Late, as always :)
    Hopefully you're enjoying your holidays.

    As for your job/work situation ... unfortunately I know the feeling (it happened something similar to me in the past) and it's not a good sensation indeed. As for me, things "settled" in some time (after I got eventually fired, but I don't wish you this fate of course) ... but, for a talented guy like you, I see no problems at all! Good Luck!

    Best Regards,

  4. hi dear kao
    i have a problem to unpack boxedapp.
    and some .net like .net reactor.
    can u helpe me?

  5. Sounds like a much needed vacation. Can't wait to see what you come up with when you get back. It's been more quiet without the knowledge bombs you drop on me on the boards.

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