I bought a software today…


I never buy software. Not sure why is that, probably I just don't see a point in doing that. To me, most of the software seems ridiculously overpriced.

  • Paying 30 euros for a copy of WinRar? Are you kidding me?
  • Paying 70 euros for latest Need for Speed racing simulator I'm not even sure I'll like? I'm not a hardcore gamer, I'm just looking for a good fun for a rainy evening.

And subscription-based software is even worse:

Do I look like a f*ing Rockefeller to you?

Hello Adguard!

Imagine my surprise when yesterday I noticed that my beloved Adguard actually has very reasonable prices. And they are offering 40% discount for all licences until May 4th, 2016. Lifetime license for less than a cup of Chai Latte in Starbucks? I'll take that, thank you very much!

license purchased

Well, it's actually half-true. If you just open their main page in the browser and go to "Purchase", you'll probably see that a lifetime license costs $14.97. Not exactly a cup of Chai Latte.

Hacking Adguard pricing

To get those extra nice prices, you'll need to perform a little trick. Open the mobile version of the same page in your browser: m.adguard.com. Now go to purchase. And now switch to prices in Russian roubles. 179RUB for a lifetime license! 😀

According to Paypal, I just got my lifetime license for:

Payment: 179.40 RUB
Payment sent to: pr@adguard.com
From amount: $2.94 USD



If you're interested in a decent adblocker for Android device, I recommend that you give Adguard a chance. No root required! They also have adblockers for Windows and Mac but I haven't tested those.

Full disclosure: the link above is my affiliate link with Adguard. If 4 people will follow this link, install and use Adguard for 30 minutes, I will get a free 1-year license. In that case, I will donate this license to LCF-AT to help with ad-filtering issues.

If you hate affiliate links of any kind, please feel free to visit using a direct link: adguard.com - it's well worth it.

Have fun blocking the ads! 🙂

5 thoughts on “I bought a software today…

  1. Nice trick ... sometimes buying with other currencies is cheaper, ehehe 🙂

    Yeah, I don't like subscription-based purchases too ... but day-by-day cloud-based softwares will be the rule 🙁

    How will I run my favourite application when I'm offline? That will be the real question :p Today's people are more and more internet-dependent (read Facebook dependent at most, sadly) so those persons won't claim ...

    Anyway, I bet there will be a new kind of internet-less disease in the near future, LOL 😀

    Best Regards,

  2. Sometimes you get better price in third world countries, for example in my country, a 1 year Kaspersky license costs around 10€

    1. Android only. 🙂 On Windows I'm totally happy with a combination of uBlock and TamperMonkey - so I have no real reason to look for anything else.

  3. Kao, You helped me today, seen your profile... said what the hell let's look at your homepage... Dude, you have some great text, your evil, honest, and a very educational read. (take that google indexer/crawler).

    I feel that having the right tools makes you a better programmer. below are 2 of my most used programs with respect to time saved and must have on any windows system.

    note: your other post about "google - makes you a better programmer or just lazy" - Get project complete faster, your client pays less per job. hell yes, google everything. that's just working smart(more time you can spend watching fetish reversing porn).

    look at this {hidden link} XYplorer . com - my favorite windows file browser... have you found one better?

    MyNotesKeeper . com - another good one. Similar to CherryTree (free) - nice way to copy cut paste everything. problem is data files get big, add so much stuff that you can't find anything. however, if you save projects to separate files it's not bad.

    both programs allow you to use color for everything... like writing code in sublime it can save lots of time.

    I'm old school c64 scene and agree, software is overpriced. plus unless it's used every day for profit it's hard to justify the costs. Consoles are the worst per title I absolutely hate how Microsoft makes people pay for monthly Xbox LIVE access. but GTA5 is fun.

    On the Xbox topic: Why can't Xbox upgrade the browser? Slow input, no copy/paste, only 2 tabs? Crippleware rant coming...

    BTW, only 10 types of people... (do you know what 10 types? list them all) this has been in my sig for decades.
    Message you on T4 soon.

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