31 Mar 2015

The malware arms race

Today's Slashdot features a very nice question:

We've been in a malware arms race since the 1990s. Malicious hackers keep building new viruses, worms, and trojan horses, while security vendors keep building better detection and removal algorithms to stop them.
My question: will the balance continue, or is one side likely to take the upper hand over the next decade or two? Which side is going to win?

In the comments you'll see a lot of libertarian psychobabble about how NSA/CIA/{whatever-3-letter-organization} caused this, how you are going to surrender your fundamental rights to a few corporations who pretend to protect you, how everything sucks and will suck even more in the future.

Well, that IS Slashdot, afterall.

But this comment made my day so much better:
Idiots will lose

Have fun and keep your schlongs safe!

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