28 Jul 2015

Why you should wait on upgrading to .Net 4.6

Must. Read. Now.


It's a good technical writeup for an embarrassing bug in MS code:

The methods you call can get different parameter values than you passed in.

What could possibly go wrong? smile

So, if you have installed VS2015 on your PC, better disable the fancy modern RyuJIT now - and hope MS releases a proper fix soon.

5 thoughts on “Why you should wait on upgrading to .Net 4.6

  1. Thank you. I didn't write anything "serious" till now with it, so I'm still "in time" to save me, ehehhe.

    Serious bug indeed.

    Best Regards,

    • The problem is that you don't need to target your application for .NET 4.6 to be affected. As soon as you install .NET Framework 4.6, RyuJIT will become a default JIT engine for your existing .NET apps too. ;)

      Microsoft made a follow-up post and more workarounds: here. They say that mostly F# programmers will be affected by the issue. But I'd rather not take the chances.

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