31 May 2016

BTVStack.exe requesting access to Skype on every startup


At home I'm using a desktop computer. It has ASUS motherboard with Atheros Bluetooth chip. I have all the drivers installed but I'm not using Bluetooth at all.


Some time ago I started getting these notifications every single time I started Windows:

btvstack.exe is requesting access to Skype. Only allow access to programs downloaded from a trusted source as they will be able to use information such as your Skype contacts and messages.

No matter what option I selected, it would ask me again on next reboot. Bloody hell!

If you google for the solution, you'll notice that:

  1. It's a quite common problem;
  2. Most common solution is to deny/allow access either using the dialog above, or Tools->Options->Advanced->Advanced Settings->Manage other programs’ access to Skype;
  3. Another solution for Windows 8+ is to deselect "Allow Bluetooth devices to send you PIM items such as business cards, calendar items, e-mail messages, and notes. " in Bluetooth Control Panel applet;

Unfortunately, first solution was not working for me. And second solution is not feasible because there is no such option in Windows 7 Control Panel.


Since I don't need Bluetooth but I don't like to have broken drivers, I decided to disable just the offending DLL. From the elevated command-prompt I ran

and the problem has disappeared. Great success! smile

Hope this helps someone else too.

3 thoughts on “BTVStack.exe requesting access to Skype on every startup

  1. Thanks for sharing ... it might be useful.

    I have a lot of problems with Skype on my Win8 (and a lot of "missing features" of course) but I don't have this specific problem ... at least not yet :p

    Unfortunately there's still no alternative client for the skype protocol.


    • Hey Tonyweb, this problem is specific to Atheros bluetooth drivers which have "special support" for Skype and Outlook, no matter if you want it or not. :)

      On a completely unrelated subject - any particular reason why you're staying on Win8? You should be entitled to a free upgrade to Windows 10 which is far less buggy system. Even Microsoft wants to forget about Windows 8.. ;)

  2. Hey kao, thanks for your answer.
    I have an Asus notebook with Atheros wireless card ... that's why I understand ;)


    As for my OS ... I recently switched from Win8 Home to Win8Pro, and it was quite a pain, ehehhe .... when I'll be proud enough I'll upgrade to Win10 :)

    Thanks and Best Regards,

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