JS-boobytrapped ZIP files, or why morons shouldn’t be writing about security


This morning I noticed Softpedia article titled "How to Prevent ZIP Files from Executing Malicious JavaScript Behind Your Back".

Here's the beginning of the story in all it's glory:

Let me repeat that:

When unzipping the file, the JavaScript file would execute, automating various operations.

Naturally, I was curious about the cause of this issue and why I haven't heard about it before.

Little bit of reading, little bit of Googling and here's the original post from F-Secure: "How-To Disable Windows Script Host". They write:

And such .zip files typically contain a JScript (.js/.jse) file that, if clicked, will be run via Windows Script Host.

Somehow Softpedia authors managed to convert "user clicking on a JS file" into "JS file being launched automatically when unzipped".

Dear Mr. Catalin Cimpanu, please stop writing about security. Open a hotdog stand or something, that's much more suitable for your skill level.

6 thoughts on “JS-boobytrapped ZIP files, or why morons shouldn’t be writing about security

  1. One big LOOOOOOOL 😀

    When I read the title ... I thought to read about a new vulnerability discovered in Windows zip file handling with lots of technical details I would not have understood. 😛

    Thank you for this blog post ... it made my day 😉

    Best Regards,

  2. basically the whole article is all about "How to prevent the opening of a file with the program assigned to it's extension"...this guy is good at headline whoring

  3. i had a few lols at the end , specially that i'm from the same country as the softpedia's article publisher 🙂

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