04 Oct 2017

October update to Molebox unpacker

Thanks to my reader Max I have fixed another bug in the Molebox unpacker.

  • Removed memory leak that caused "out of memory" error when unpacking very large files (1.5GB+)

The usual request

I hope you find this unpacker useful. But if it doesn't work for you, please send me an error report with all the details you can and I'll try to fix it. Have fun!

4 thoughts on “October update to Molebox unpacker

  1. I already posted my request in the "December update" post. But since you keep asking, here it is again:

    Dear all!

    This is my blog, not "please unpack my file" request forum.

    Please do not post any links with your files. I will make my Molebox 4.x unpacker public when I finish it, I can promise you that. However, I do not have much free time these days, so it might take a while.

    Thank you for understanding,

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