24 Mar 2016

MoleBox goes out of business

Molebox as it used to be

A bit of history

MoleBox 2 was released in year 2003 and it was one of the first file virtualization solutions in the market. It bundled executable with the DLL and data files into a single EXE file. At that time that was something new and innovative.

They had quite a success and released another product (MoleBox Ultra, later renamed to MoleBox Virtualization Solution) in year 2009. Apparently it was very hard to fight in the increasingly more competitive market of application virtualization solutions and the last version of MoleBox Virtualization Solution was released in 2013.

Game over

In February 2016 domain molebox.com was sold for $1526. Yesterday their web server started serving generic WordPress page with dating-related spam. And that is just sad. sad
MoleBox dating advice

Release of static unpacker

However, both editions of MoleBox are still very popular with private game server owners, as they allow to bundle patched EXE files together with their custom data files. It's not a bullet-proof security but stops newbies from stealing their valuable data.

Since the MoleBox company is officially out of business now, I have no more reasons to keep my static Molebox unpacker private. It supports most versions of MoleBox 2.x including the external box files.

Have fun guys!

Download link: see October update to Molebox unpacker for an updated version.

P.S. This post was made just because I noticed changes in MoleBox web, I wasn't planning to release the unpacker today. So, please keep in mind this code was written in year 2009 and has had only one small fix applied in 2015. It's likely that you'll encounter some bugs and quirks - please send me the problematic file and I'll fix the bug. smile

P.P.S. I have static unpacker for MoleBox Virtualization Solution as well. But it doesn't have a nice UI yet, so it will be released on a later day.

96 thoughts on “MoleBox goes out of business

    • Based on my research, all sites related to DesaNova Ltda/Teggo are now defunct. So, even if something new appears, it's not likely to be good... :)

      Or do you know something that I don't?

      • Thanks, Im looking forward to it. :D
        I would like to ask a some expert advice from you via pm. If you can spare some time this is my email <email_removed>, thanks you.

  1. Haha yeah i saw your email below after i posted my comment. And also i already sent you an email, been waiting for your reply. :D

  2. Hey kao, i couldn't wait for your reply in my email. Haha Its kind of urgent. What can you recommend for me a obfuscator that works like molebox but is hard to deobfuscate? I am willing to buy a licensed app because we are using it to pack our .exe and some custom files s that no can can steal our work or edit our .exe to hack. One in my mind is boxedapp Thanks.

    • I already answered in email. :)

      BoxedApp doesn't provide any protection - all embedded files are stored non-encrypted in the ".bxpck" section of the file. Even the zlib compression (added i v3.3.0.20) is optional and must be explicitly enabled by the user.

  3. Same thing here. As a satisfied user of molebox, I am quite disappointed that it disappeared. I'd be glad to hear that an alternative is available. I tried Enigma but, to say the truth, I got lost in its GUI...

    I hope Olga and Alexey come with some brand new stuff. But I understand the chances are low.

  4. How do I unpack the external package (external package is a separate file, executable file will searches it in the current directory when starts)?

  5. Great work as usual ... and great attitude to share your research and your HUGE knowledge. You're awesome. :)

    Thanks and Best Regards,

  6. I wanted to ask if you can either create a molebox key generator or a tool to change the PE signature. Due to some virus writers using molebox some apps we packed using molebox shows false positives as a cirus signature. Wanna try?

    • Molebox key generator would not solve False Positive problem. Furthermore, last time I checked, it was not possible to make one.

      If you have legitimate software, just sign it with digital signature and work with AV companies to make sure your software is not detected.

      If your software is not legit.. Well, that's not my problem. :)

  7. Hi,
    I tried your unpacker v0.42 on this : {link removed}

    It works for some files but,
    The thing is the "HNK beta 630.exe" seems to look in a chars, stages encrypted folder (the things I'm looking for are inside) and the unpacker don't extract those folders.
    Sorry for my bad english...

    • Yes, it's a small bug, thank you for reporting it!

      Please copy demolition.exe to the same folder where HNK beta 630.exe, stages, data2 and other files are. Then it will find and unpack all files correctly.

  8. One more thing...
    Can you look at "chars\falco\falco.def" (open with notepad) and you will see some invalid random code (£k§ +) at the bottom end of the code.
    Files with cns, cmd, def extensions (just txt files in fact) have all these random errors codes at the end. I can remove them manually but maybe there is something to do at your side.
    Thanks again for you time.

  9. Hello,

    Thanks for this awesome released program. I tried and it create unpacked.ex. what should I do ? Please help me. Thanks a lot.

    • That is the unpacked EXE file.

      Just rename it to whatever you like (for example, unpacked.exe) and do whatever you want with it. If you run it, it should work just like your original EXE file.

  10. I can not unpack external files. I dont know why. Im sending the link of files to your email. Thank you.

  11. Good day sir , how to encrypt .dat .pak they used enigma and molebox virtualization to encrypt .dat .pak

    • Decryption keys are inside the packed EXE or DLL file. So, use the correct unpacker on EXE/DLL and it will unpack .dat .pak files automatically.

      Or upload the files to mega.co.nz and I'll take a look at them.

  12. Hello sir thanks for responding i already send you a link in Email Please response to email thank you sir.

  13. Hello sir thanks for responding i already send you a link in Email Please response to email thank you sir..

    Please update me if you got my email sir Thank you..

  14. Hello,
    Thanks for creating this tool!
    I found a bug. When the "Use block encryption" option is ticked, the last few bytes of the unpacked files would be corrupted. My version of Molebox is 2.3682. Here is the test files (including original files and the packed file):
    {link removed}

    • It's not possible to answer your question without knowing the details about your specific problem. There are plenty of possibilities (Themida+XBundler, Enigma Protector, BoxedApp, Cameyo, just to name a few).

      Each of them have some advantages and some disadvantages. So, just try them out and pick the one you like most. :)

      • As a reverser, which do you think has a stronger protection against hacking and reverse engeenering? I've checked Themida, Code Virtualizer, Enigma... I also know ASProtect and StarForce ProActive, but I found almost no reviews and I don't know what to think about them.

  15. I want it to protect an app from hacking and reverse engeenering, so as a reverser, which one do you think is the best?

  16. Dear all! This is not "please unpack my file" forum.

    Please do not post any links with your files. I will make my unpacker public when I finish it, I can promise you that. However, I do not have much free time these days, so it might take a while.

    Thank you for understanding,

  17. Hello can help me try to decompile an .exe file with molebox but it comes out
    [I] Loading file: C: \ Users \ Admin \ Desktop \ File \ Future.exe
    [X] Not a PE file

    • Your comment comes from IP address that has been associated with spam comments in the past. Therefore I'm removing the software name.

      If you really are the author of that program, don't write just "World's Best software" but explain in details why someone should use it. :)

  18. Hi Kao,

    I'm a legit molebox user for many years.

    All was running fine on a vm until I changed the laptop which was hosting the vm.
    Now the vm is running my legit molebox in trial mode :-(( because it has detected some hardware fingerprint changes.

    I still have my original molebox key but the molebox servers are now defunct/gones/down forever and don't permit me to activate again.

    Having an "official" keygen would be a super idea.

    I've bought another packing solution, spent nearly 6 months of mails exchanges with the author and it failed where molebox was working like a breeze...

    I would be really greatful and even ready to pay for a working keygen solution to reactivate molebox on my vm environment.

    • Hi Chris,
      I don't have such solution/keygen. And, as far as I know, nobody does.

      In my opinion, you have 2 options:
      1) use Molebox v4.5462 cracked by KuNgBiM. Google is your friend. Check the legal status of abandonware in your country first.. ;)
      2) use another file virtualization solution. Enigma VirtualBox is probably the most common right now.

      If you still have the old laptop with VM and activated Molebox, probably somebody (not necessarily me) could figure out a way how to move it properly to a new laptop. But without having the original hardware, I think it would be close to impossible.

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