10 May

Update of unpackers

I'm trying to get back into reversing. Slowly.

So, here's a long-promised update to Molebox unpacker. It fixes unpacking of very, VERY, VERY old Molebox versions. The only file I have ever seen packed with it, is SCWU role playing game.

Enigma Virtual Box unpacker

This was done long time ago but I never posted it publicly. Support for Enigma Virtual Box 9.30/9.40. Should support 9.50 but it's not tested.

13 thoughts on “Update of unpackers

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    Hi sir ! thanks god you're back ! btw can you check this Exe , i can't unpack it using your new version of Demoleition. I just need the file inside for study :) or you can send it to my Email :)
    {hidden link}
    I hope you can check it :)

    Link here: {hidden link}
    Mirror: {hidden link}

    God Bless Sir Kao !

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    Hi Sir Kao i'm glad that you're back in reverse engr. anyways can you check this one ? i can't unpack it using your tool , can you check it ? and please if you don't mind can you send the files to my email address just for study .
    Thank you sir Kao ! God Bles
    {hidden link}

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      That's because it is a custom launcher and not packed with Molebox or Enigma Virtual Box. It's very easy to unpack, just put a breakpoint on WriteProcessMemory and you'll find both unpacked EXE file and a special DLL.

      I will not send you any files - if you need it, you unpack it yourself. :)

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    Dear Mister Kao, you just solved a major crisis for M.U.G.E.N. THE SCWU, years and years people suffered to try to find solutions for this game, I ended up getting very close and ended up understanding the situation in which the game was, but I don't have knowledge in reverse engineering, you saved a lot of developers from Mugen and other game MODs, just doing this, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, although I think the creator of the free game (G Sueno) may be very angry when discovering this, but the game has been around since 2003 so I still don't know. ..

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    Nice you're back in action, kao! Great job as always, also for directions to Gordon.

    1 thanks and 1 request till now ... fair enough, I think :)

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      Hi Gino Manzon, "hide files" feature is supported, you just need to have a good mole_dictionary.txt. Please read the description in https://lifeinhex.com/september-update-of-unpackers/ .

      If you have a specific file that cannot be unpacked correctly, please upload it to MEGA or MediaFire and post the link in comments. I will be happy to check it when I have some free time.

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    ahh i see , thank you sir kao , i hope soon you can update this hide features without using mole dictionary.text i'm willing to pay :)

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      :facepalm: Did you read the explanation in my link?

      Molebox VS [...] stores hash of the filename - original filenames are not stored anywhere

      It works the same way like cracking password hashes - you know the hash and want to find the password (or filename). You can either run MD5 bruteforce - which will take days/months/years, or use a good dictionary and find the password immediately. There is no other way.

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