13 Apr

April update of unpackers

Molebox VS unpacker

This is a quite big update for Molebox VS unpacker. It fixes most of the bugs I'm aware of:

  • Supports Molebox GPL version
  • Removes "anti-hacking" protection
  • Supports BOX files in sub-directories
  • Shows embedded command-line
  • Main executable will be named {yourfile}_unpacked.exe
  • Fix calculation of SizeOfImage in edge cases
  • Fix decryption in edge cases

It's still not perfect and will fail in some situations - but I didn't want to postpone the release any longer. Please let me know if it crashes for you and I'll try to fix the problem. smile

Embedded command-line

Molebox VS can pass some arguments to your packed program. It's usually used in game launchers to tell game executable where the server is located. My unpacker will now show you the command-line you need to use to run unpacked EXE file correctly.

Hotfix 16-Apr-2019

Updated download link! Fixes issue with "[x] EXCEPTION EOutOfMemory" that happened when very large files were packed with very old Molebox VS. Bug was reported by MMM, thank you!

It was not necessary to update other unpackers, so the links below are just for your convenience:

Enigma Virtual Box unpacker

Molebox v2.x unpacker

8 thoughts on “April update of unpackers

  1. Avatar

    demoleitionVS display
    [+] MD5: 4c76d8829345185e168211b80c55388f
    [i] Molebox type: very old (v4.1394..v4.2062)
    [x] EXCEPTION EOutOfMemory
    EnigmaVBUnpacker display
    [i] Loading large file, it might take some time...
    [+] x86 executable
    [x] Expected section name ".enigma2", found ".ultra"
    [x] This file is not protected with Enigma Virtual Box or is hacked.
    demoleition display
    [+] MD5: 4c76d8829345185e168211b80c55388f
    [x] Not a Molebox or unknown version
    Can you help me to see the game links below?
    {hidden link}
    Thank you very much.
    I don't speak English and it's all machine translated

  2. Avatar

    [i] Loading large file, it might take some time...
    [+] x86 executable
    [x] Expected section name ".enigma2", found ".ultra"
    [x] This file is not protected with Enigma Virtual Box or is hacked.
    Game links
    {hidden link}
    None of the three software can unpackage the game.Please take a look at it for me.I'm sorry that I don't understand English. It's all machine translation.

    • Avatar

      Section name ".ultra" usually means it's packed by Molebox VS. So you should try Molebox VS unpacker. :)

      There are 3 files inside your game.exe:

      • Game.exe
    • My unpacker cannot unpack your file right now but I will fix it this week.

  3. Avatar

    {hidden link}

    [i] Loading file: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\GameServer.exe
    [+] MD5: 2e7a8c7e8c9df41346e3502e4152e415
    [i] Molebox type: new (v4.4325..v4.5462, v4.6000)
    [i] Exact MoleboxVS version: v4.5462 (4ED59C30)
    [i] Succesfully loaded 22 lines from C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\mole_dictionary.txt.
    [i] Removing anti-hacking protection
    [!] WARNING: fixing relocations failed! File will probably not run!
    [i] All relocations fixed successfully!
    [x] EXCEPTION EArgumentOutOfRangeException

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