Another update to Enigma Virtual Box unpacker


Enigma Virtual Box authors made some changes in version 10.70 and broke my unpacker again. 🙁 To be able to support more and more versions, my unpacker requires some serious redesign.
That will take some thinking time and energy but I'll eventually get around to it.

In the meantime, here's a quick fix:

  • Detects and unpacks Enigma Virtual Box versions 10.70 and 10.80;

Update of unpackers


Enigma Virtual Box unpacker

There are plenty of changes.

  • Properly detect versions 9.50..9.90
  • Unpacks files packed with 9.80 and 9.90
  • Added command-line parameter "/nodiskspace", as requested by some users. If it crashes during unpacking because it ran out of disk space, it's your problem.
  • Unpacker properly handles invalid input filename

Molebox 2.x unpacker

  • Support more versions of very old Molebox
  • Unpacking files with digital signatures should be improved
  • Some rare bugs have been fixed

Autoplay Media Studio unpacker

  • Added support for AMS version
  • Support for Imagine MemoryEx encrypted files, as requested by someone.

What is MemoryEx?

MemoryEx is a plugin released by Imagine Programming, allowing for more advanced operations from within the Lua environment you will find in Autoplay Media Studio 8.

While it's not a very common plugin, there are several niche programs which use this plugin. For example, most programs from use it.

When you unpack such file, please pay attention to the "Found protected file" messages:

As you can see, unpacker created some .luac files.

Next, you will need to find a LUA decompiler and decompile these files. I suggest you try unluac, luadec or whichever LUA decompiler you prefer.

Decompiler should produce .lua file which contains all the interesting stuff. For example, part of G-Nerator code looks like this:

return {
  info = {
    name = "Anderson M Santos",
    author = "",
    contact = ""
  functions = {
    Install = function()
      function Stile_Sonbre_P()
        sHandl = Application.GetWndHandle()
        DLL.CallFunction(_SystemFolder .. "\\User32.dll", "SetClassLongA", sHandl .. ",-26," .. 131072, DLL_RETURN_TYPE_LONG, DLL_CALL_STDCALL)
        if Label.GetText("local") == "C:\\" then
          Label.SetText("local", _ProgramFilesFolder .. "\\Dindroid")
        Image.Load("imico", _TempFolder .. "\\icon.tmp")
        Image.Load("imc", _TempFolder .. "\\bts_01.tmp")
      function Install()
        Folder.Create(_ProgramFilesFolder .. "\\Dindroid" .. "\\G-Nerator")
        File.Copy(_SourceFolder .. "\\Install\\*.*", _ProgramFilesFolder .. "\\Dindroid" .. "\\G-Nerator", true, true, false, true, nil)
        sP = System.EnumerateProcesses()
        for j, file_path in pairs(sP) do
          file = String.SplitPath(file_path)
          if file.Filename .. file.Extension == "GNerator.exe" then
            File.Copy(file_path, _ProgramFilesFolder .. "\\Dindroid" .. "\\G-Nerator\\")
        Shell.CreateShortcut(String.Replace(_WindowsFolder, "Windows", "") .. "\\Users\\Public\\Desktop", "G-Nerator", _ProgramFilesFolder .. "\\Dindroid" .. "\\G-Nerator\\GN.exe", "", "", _ProgramFilesFolder .. "\\Dindroid\\G-Nerator\\GN.exe", 0, SW_SHOWNORMAL, nil, "")

That's all folks, have fun using it!

As always - if you notice any bugs, please report them. And most importantly - Happy New Year everybody! 🙂

April update of unpackers


Molebox VS unpacker

This is a quite big update for Molebox VS unpacker. It fixes most of the bugs I'm aware of:

  • Supports Molebox GPL version
  • Removes "anti-hacking" protection
  • Supports BOX files in sub-directories
  • Shows embedded command-line
  • Main executable will be named {yourfile}_unpacked.exe
  • Fix calculation of SizeOfImage in edge cases
  • Fix decryption in edge cases

It's still not perfect and will fail in some situations - but I didn't want to postpone the release any longer. Please let me know if it crashes for you and I'll try to fix the problem. 🙂
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March update of unpackers


Enigma VirtualBox unpacker

  • Unpacker will refuse to run if there is not enough space in TMP folder and/or in working directory
  • PE header size was calculated incorrectly in some cases
  • TLS directory was not detected correctly for some files

Setting TMP folder to a RAM drive was a good idea in 1990s. Now it's year 2019 and you can't manage virtual memory better than Windows already do. But some people apparently still try, so I added checks to stop them from shooting themselves in the foot.

Molebox VS unpacker

  • Added support for a very old version on Molebox VS, as reported by death

The fix was actually implemented a long time ago, I just didn't make the announcement.