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    • As far as I know, there is no public unpacker for Enigma Protector. I think there are some OllyDbg/x64dbg scripts for unpacking but they don't extract the embedded files.

  1. hello kao
    I tried unpacking a file that was about 1.6GB and had 70GB of free space on my hard disk, but it still said "There is not enough space in working directory."
    I don't have much more free space on my hard disk. Is this reasonable? How much free space do I need?
    Thank you

    • My unpacker expects disk free space to be 8 times the size of packed file. If you have a 1.6GB file, it would expect ~12GB free space.

      If there's a bug, I'll be happy to fix it. But to do that, I'd need to learn more about your system. Can you please tell me size and free space on all your disks? Where was the packed file located? Where's unpacker located? How did you launch the unpacker?

      As a workaround, you can use command-line parameter "/nodiskspace" to disable the check. But if you run out of disk space during the unpacking, it will crash!

    • If mega.nz is blocked in China or anywhere else in the world, there is nothing I can do about that.

  2. Hi Kao, I found this app by chance last year (v0.61) and it had been a great help in unpacking of files for modifications. Till now I did not found any issues, works great. Also, Thanks a bunch for the new update.

    Note: This is not about the unpacker. I found some issues with EVB (10.60) that certain apps don't work after boxing, so I switched back to EVB (10.40). And everything goes fine now.

  3. Hey Kao, thanks again for your recent release of the unpacker. So I came to this problem where an EXE had an Enigma & Obsidium as its protection software as stated by Detect It Easy. I tried using your Unpacker but sadly no luck, do you have any advice or recommendation on how to bypass an Obsidium protected file? Any help would be appreciated

      • Hey Kao, thanks for the reply.
        I have tried VFS before but sadly it can't unpack it, I guess my only option is to try and do it manually like you mentioned. But yeah Obsidium is still vey hard to decrypt so thats a challenge of its own.
        Thanks again, have a good day

  4. Hello Kao, I've encounter an EVB packed RPG MV game it only could detected by 0.62 unpacker while it will crash in the middle of unpacking. How could I provide the file to you?

    • Hi Cal,
      please upload your file to some file sharing service (like mega.nz/mediafire.com/workupload.com) and send me the link in the comment.

      Links in comments are moderated and visible only to me.

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