21 Apr 2017

Updated Enigma VirtualBox unpacker again

This update has been long overdue. Finally it supports files larger than 2GB! smile

Full changelog:

  • Supports files larger than 2GB. Yeah!
  • Correctly recognizes EnigmaVB 7.50-7.70;
  • You can use command-line EnigmaVBUnpacker.exe /nogui [pathToFile] to unpack file, save results to !unpacker.log and close automatically.
  • NEW: fixed "Error creating temporary file"

Hopefully I didn't break anything during the rewrite. But if I did, send me an email and I'll fix it! smile

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/?phu1lxocl3r1b2x

EDIT 2x: Very stupid error fixed. /me embarrassed. Sorry.

15 thoughts on “Updated Enigma VirtualBox unpacker again

  1. Expected section name ".enigma2", found ".reloc"

    So do you know what the so called "reloc" packer is?

  2. [x] Expected section name ".enigma2", found ".ybdx2"

    It uses the same software, but his file does not know how to rename, the software can not identify

    • Most likely your file is protected with Enigma Protector. It is a different software.

      My unpacker supports only Enigma VirtualBox.

  3. Thank you so much for the update. Large file support and command line extraction are exactly the features I've been waiting for and now it just works nicely :)

    2 questions regarding the tool:
    Is there a command line parameter to specify a custom output directory?
    Is it allowed to redistribute it (e.g. as part of UniExtract)?

    • 1) No, I never needed that. If you can come up with a reasonably good scenario why do that, I will consider it.
      2) Sure, it's free as in beer. Just give a credit where credit is due.

      • 1) Not the best scenario, but for me it's a matter of speed. I often want to extract to a different drive and writing the files directly to the desired directory is a faster than moving them back and forth (especially with slow network drives). Also: convenience ;) It's easier to integrate into other software if common command line parameters exist. So not exactly a high priority feature request, but would be nice to see it in a future update (as long as it doesn't mean too much work or rewriting for you.)

        2) Cool, thanks for the clarification. Just to be sure: The same goes for your Molebox unpacker?

        • 1a) Extraction from and to a network drive is slow as hell. I would strongly advise against it.
          1b) Integration with other tools was never my primary goal.
          2) Yes, it's the same.

  4. Is the source for this open? When I click "Unpack", it displays the file name and just sits there forever with an hourglass cursor not responding. There is no progress bar, destination selection, or progress indication.

    • How large is your file?

      If it's very large (2GB+) and/or located on a slow network share, it will take several minutes to load & unpack. During that time, UI appears to be frozen.

      Better UI with progress bar is planned but I never got around to actually implementing it.

      If you wish, you can upload your file to mega.co.nz and send me a link via comment (comments with links are moderated).

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