20 Dec 2017

December update for unpackers

This month brings us not one but two updated unpackers! smile

Updated Molebox unpacker

  • Fixes a crash with double-packed files. Thanks to whoknows for reporting the issue!

Download link: https://mega.nz/#!J8I3UBhY!5YxOiVI1SrQSVGpIzfZ65av5UmKAvb979IkVNtMcBtw

Updated Enigma Virtual Box unpacker

  • Support for Enigma Virtual Box v7.90
  • Detection of Enigma Protector. The feature was added long time ago but accidentally removed later.

Download link: https://mega.nz/#!0wgW0Bha!wWdc6AEHqRd6QvDRs-cCV5Y3SF5480cEJC_ywtf7Rj0

I still need to work on the UI-freeze issue. When unpacking very large files, UI will appear to be frozen until unpacking process completes. It may take 5+ minutes on very large files, please be patient!

34 thoughts on “December update for unpackers

  1. good morning, kao
    you help me get its running file, i use your molebox software, can only get the files inside it, i need this original .exe file, thank you
    link: {link_removed]

    • Hi,
      My unpacker creates file gamebox_unpacked.exe - that is the unpacked .exe file and it seems to work fine for me. When I run it, it shows error message "Game file not found" because it cannot open file SOLMusc.pak.

      If it doesn't work for you, please make some screenshots and tell me what exactly is not working.

      • I opened it thank you, so I want to ask you a little more if you do not mind?
        - Currently the font of the file "gamebox_unpacked.exe" in the "china" language, how to change it to language "vietnamese", I have a sample file and game client that you can see it help me.
        - sample font vietnam file "game.exe"
        - the file I want to change the font file "game_unpack.exe"
        If you are busy, can guide me, I can learn, Wish you a good day ^^
        link: {link_removed}

        • Sorry, but that does not interest me at all. If you need it, you need to figure it out yourself.

  2. Hi Kao,
    i hope you could add support to Molebox Virtualization Solution 4.5235, i tried to unpack but it cannot. Keep it up

    • As I've said countless times before, this unpacker is only for Molebox version 2.x. :)

      I do have an unpacker for Molebox 4.x but it's still not finished. If you send me a link to your file, I'll take a look at it.

        • Dangerous File Blocked
          The file you attempted to download was determined to be dangerous. For your protection, MediaFire does not enable distribution of dangerous files.

          Please use Mega.co.nz, they don't have such issues.. :)

          • I had to fix few things in my unpacker but now it works fine. :)

            Your files: https://mega.nz/#!opZG2ThS!n5kEbSB7igWkHceUpXOMMTxjoHfj2yZaAIPXv3tzngs

  3. this is a great unpacker at alllll
    keep it up sir
    hope you can help me unpacked Molebox Virtualization

    Thank youuu

    • Yes, HTLauncher.exe is packed by Molebox Virtualization Studio. All *.Atlas files are packed by Molebox Virtualization Studio as well.

      For example, in system.atlas, there are 41 files and 1 directory:

    • This is not "Please unpack my file for me" thread.

      I will look at your files if and when I have some free time. Begging in the comments will not help you in any way.

  4. sir how about the other file because this is not the complete file of atlas i think this is packed in their launcher files but the other files like packed in Data01.atlas Data02.atlas are not there..

  5. good day sir thanu remove the link of your post sir thank you and this is the last request for unpack client sir


  6. EnigmaVBUnpacker v0.44
    Windows 10 Pro

    A couple of things:
    * You're already working on the UI freeze and total lack of real-time progress indicators, but they should be a much higher development priority.
    * The name of the created resource folder is "%DEFAULT FOLDER%. The games I've unpacked so far can not handle having the '%' characters in the path and will not run either from the _unpacked.exe in the original folder nor the "game.exe" in the new resource folder. If you change the folder name to something without those '%' characters, _unpacked.exe will still not work because there is no way to tell it the new resource folder name, but the "game.exe" in the resource folder will now work.
    The resource folder name should be changed to something that does not use any special characters. The best solution would be to make the resource folder name configurable before starting to unpack, and to add a command line option to the _unpacked.exe to tell it what name to use if you've changed it (like: -f ).

    And one question:
    Is this application open-source?

    • I think you misunderstand some things.

      It's my project and I do it in my free time. If you ask nicely for some feature or improvement, I will consider it but you're in no position to tell me what I should do and with what priorities.

      %DEFAULT FOLDER% is not something I invented. It's a feature of Enigma VirtualBox and means "folder where main protected module is located". Read more at http://enigmaprotector.com/en/help/manual/038e8b3e05434cbb3e96d4de3531d840. Since Enigma VirtualBox uses it internally, it's here to stay, just like all the other special folder names (%SYSTEM FOLDER%, %My Documents FOLDER%, %Temp FOLDER%, etc.). Reason is very simple - when unpacking files, I need to keep the correct folder structure. Nobody will appreciate if my unpacker suddenly starts overwriting files in folders like C:\Windows or C:\Program Files\.

      As for your issue with unpacked games, you should keep in mind that not all files are virtualized. Simplest solution would be to take all content of the "%DEFAULT FOLDER" + game_unpacked.exe, copy them to a folder where your game is installed and then run game_unpacked.exe. It should work.

      No, it's not open source.

      • Thanks for your reply. I'm not one to fill paragraphs with flowery praise or prattle when I'm just trying to provide helpful information to someone who might appreciate it - or not.

        The reason I mentioned priority is because the most common question and complaint I see and answer about this app is the UI freeze and the confusion a lack of progress indicator causes, especially with the lack of usage documentation or help text. This would reasonably indicate these issues need a higher development priority to make the app more useful and less confusing to new users.

        Thanks for the info on the Enigma file structure. However, this still does not solve the issue with the game_unpacked.exe not working. The app creates both the folder and exe in the game directory by default and the game_unpacked.exe does nothing when run. The game.exe file in the folder only displays an empty white windows that does nothing until you rename the folder without the '%' characters. Since these characters must stay to preserve the file structure, it would seem that some additional path handling is needed to allow the executables to work. This problem occurs with games made with RPG Maker MV (I had forgotten to mention that).

        I only mentioned open source because you might find the open source community helpful with any of the coding issues you are experiencing. As you said, you do this in your spare time and, when many of us who do the same contribute to the same project, it can get done a lot quicker. Just a helpful suggestion that has a proven track record.

        • Please send me the link to that game and I'll take a look. Comments with links are moderated, so only I will be able to see the link.

          My experience with open-sourcing specialized tools has been very negative. See for example, de4dot. People will happily redistribute it in a binary form after fixing "something". But sending pull requests or any other actual help? It's very rare..

  7. Thank you in advance sir and please remove the link you posted
    . once again thank you so much.

  8. Here ya go: {link_removed}
    Your experience with OS (Open Source) is unfortunate. I have been involved with many successful OS projects and value the process. Of course, like any process, it can not be successful if not managed properly. The lead developer always has the power to accept, reject, or alter pull requests to their liking and the code base is not affected by anything they have not deemed appropriate. The OS community can also discuss a pull request that is still pending to help find more appropriate alternatives to the solution presented. When responsibly managed, control always remains in the hands of the managing developer.

    The only exception is when the repository is forked, altered, and distributed. However, those who do either only make one change and do not upkeep management of the app so users will always return to your repository for regular updates, or they manage the fork properly when the original developer is not, giving the app a longer lifetime than the interest or time of the original developer. Keeps 'em honest, like those projects that leave pull requests dangling forever. I don't see the latter happening with you so, if properly managed, I believe you would benefit by the OS process. Again, just a helpful suggestion.

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