05 Mar 2015

Improved static Enigma Virtual Box unpacker

Last few weeks have been really hectic. I moved to a new apartment, so lots of time was spent on packing, unpacking, cleaning, and other non-computer related chores. Finally it's done, I got a great new place to live and I'm happy. smile

To relax and get back into shape, I spent an evening with one of my old projects - Enigma Virtual Box unpacker. I fixed few little bugs and added support for x64 executables.

EnigmaVB unpacker

Get it here: Please get latest version from this post

22 thoughts on “Improved static Enigma Virtual Box unpacker

    • Hey Manofhonor,
      I'm guessing it's what Enigma calls "External package" - my unpacker currently doesn't support those. Could you please post a comment with a download link to EXE + all necessary DLLs + .PK file, I'll see if I can add support to my unpacker.

      Your comment will most likely go to moderation queue and will be visible only to me.

  1. also it's possible that i get your skype? maybe i will need your help about to do encryption to those files and i'm ready to pay for it.

    Thank you.

    • Sent you an email to the email address you provided in previous comments. Let me know if that solves your problem. :)

    • EDITED: I finally understood the question.

      All files should be extracted to the same folder where packed file is located. Most of them go into root folder called "%DEFAULT FOLDER%" - I'm making subfolder with the same name and putting files in it. Unpacked main executable will be placed next to packed executable and its name will be "{orig_filename}_unpacked.exe"

      Unpacker versions before v0.33 had a bug - if you supplied relative filename in command-line, the files were not extracted to the proper place. Please use the latest version from here, it should work as expected.

  2. Also, if you send me a link to a sample file I will check it out. If you have found a bug in my unpacker, I'll be happy to fix it. ;)

    • That unpacker is still not finished. :( If you could upload the file to mega.co.nz or mediafire.com and send me the link, I'll take a look.

  3. Enigma has updated massively their packer and the unpacker is dead. Would it be a chance for you to take a look at it?

    • That's not correct. Your file is most likely protected by Enigma Protector.

      "Enigma Protector" and "Enigma Virtual Box" are 2 different products by same author. My unpacker only supports Enigma Virtual Box.

      You can try using Virtual File System Editor by Extreme Coders (see http://www.cin1team.biz/showthread.php?t=9772 for download link), it should support Enigma Protector.

  4. After you use the engima vbunpacker is there away to repack the so called files you unpacked, just want to know for a learn curve.

    • Not automatically. But you can always take Enigma Virtual Box, create a new project, add all extracted files to it and pack them. :)

  5. After using the EnigmaVBUnpacker it gave me 2 errors :
    [x] Expected section name ".enigma2", found ".reloc"
    [x] This file is not protected with Enigma Virtual Box or is hacked.
    i supppose that i should download adn use the Enigma Protector and use it on the .exe but how to deal with the first one?

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