23 Jul 2015

Static Enigma Virtual Box unpacker, part 3

Here comes a new version. Again. smile


I added support for Enigma Virtual Box 7.30, (hopefully) fixed all issues with very long filenames and fixed an issue with processing command-line.

Thanks to ManOfWar for constantly supplying new challenges and parrot for bringing my attention to a bug with command-line.

Download link: Please get latest version from this post

20 thoughts on “Static Enigma Virtual Box unpacker, part 3

  1. Would you ever considering to create an unpacker for boxed files , but this time its for enigma protector's option (virtual files) i guess they are using the same EVB routines ? thank you.

  2. Do you have some test file I could check?

    If I can do it without making a complete Enigma Protector unpacker, I'll consider adding this feature.

    • Your file is either not packed with Enigma Virtual Box, or modified to stop my unpacker from working. If you send me download link to your executable file, I will take a look and tell you for sure.

    • Works for me. Since you did not provide any details about the problematic file, I can't find and fix the issue.

  3. Hi, I have this error:
    [x] Expected section name ".enigma2", found ".ultra"
    How can fix this error?

    • It means this file is not protected with Enigma Virtual Box (or is hacked to stop my unpacker from working). There's nothing to fix. :)

  4. out of memory
    I have this error for this game:

  5. [+] Filename: C:\Users\eXplode\Desktop\Core(1).dll
    [+] MD5: 452D31B40B1CDD76484338669D4B7AC0
    [+] x86 executable
    [x] Expected section name ".enigma2", found ".data"

    and nothing more maybe u got a fix for that?

  6. tryed the newest version 0.34
    and get now
    [x] This file is not protected with Enigma Virtual Box or is hacked.

    • Yes, I fixed the error message. :)

      Your file is protected with "Enigma Protector", not "Enigma Virtual Box" - it's a different product from same authors.

  7. I have a 1,4 gb exe file.
    I installed the version 0.35 of enigmavbunpacker.
    Get still the "out of memory" error

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